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Powerful combination of world’s advanced fusion devices

Published on 15 November 2017

Tore Supra (1988-2011) has completed its missions, mainly in qualifying the superconducting magnet, the Heating and Current Drive techniques by RF powers which are mandatory for long pulse operation in EAST, KSTAR, W7-X, ITER. In 2012, It was transformed to WEST in support to ITER (W Environment in Steady-state Tokamak, where W is the chemical symbol for tungsten). WEST is equipped with actively cooled Tungsten plasma facing components.  In particular, its divertor - a key component which faces the largest part of the heat and particle fluxes coming from the plasma – is made by massive Tungsten.

Mid-term research program of WEST is aiming at providing timely answers to ITER divertor. Eight high-level deliverables for the WEST were identified and schedules synchronized, jointly by ITER Organization and CEA.

D1-D2: optimization of industrial scale production / procurement organization

D3: power handling, shaping and tolerances

D4: PFC lifetime under high fluence

D5-D6-D7-D8: divertor protection / learning curve / long pulse H-mode / advanced scenarios

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