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Plasma Heating System

Published on 1 December 2017

ITER-relevant Antenna of HL-2A

An antenna working at the radio frequency of 3.7 GHz has been developed for the plasma heating and current drive system of HL-2A (Lower Hybrid Current Drive) under the collaboration between SWIP and IRFM since 2011. This antenna is based on the concept Passive-Active Multijunction developed by IRFM. Such an antenna is foreseen in the steady-state operation on ITER.

For the first time, the power coupling with the PAM launcher in H-mode plasmas - the baseline plasma scenario of ITER - has demonstrated in HL-2A.


ITER-relevant Antenna of WEST

As a key component of tokamak,Ion Cyclotron Resonant Heating (ICRH) antenna is one of the main auxiliary heating systems, providing the necessary guarantee for high temperature plasma  at hundreds of millions degree. The total heating power of WEST is around 15MW, and ICRH antenna will contribute 9MW. Long-pulse steady-state operation and high-power heating are big challenges for the ICRH antenna design and even become the technical bottleneck of ITER and DEMO. To overcome these difficulties, IRFM and ASIPP have jointly designed and manufactured the world first fully active cooled ICRH antenna, which has been integrated on WEST tokamak.  ​